Headed South

Headed South

Hello, everyone!!

Headed south today for a great backcountry road cruise. We started down the path and came upon railroad tracks that ran parallel to the street we were on. The sun was peeking through the leaves on the trees. And the warm rays of the sun shined on our faces. The stream seemed to have stars dancing on the ripples as it meandered along on the opposite side of the road. We were cruising along at about 40 mph just enough to hear the birds singing. We both began to settle in as the rumble of the engine, and the wind seemed to massage our psyche. A roller coaster of some of the most scenic and diverse country Northern Kentucky has to offer. The road snaked back and forth through hills and valleys as the miles melted away. Fall fragrances begin to make themselves even more distinct.  Our senses heightened as the season starts to become evident all around us. Corn was almost ready to be picked, the fragrance of hay cut in the fields, wood burning in the air. The tobacco crop cut and standing waiting to hang in the barn. Fall is a great time of year. The change of seasons so unique. We could see that the leaves on the trees were beginning to change color. Birds were gathering up getting ready to move south. Filling the trees and power lines were hundreds soon to be thousands to make the journey. The time of cruising is almost coming to a Ohio Riverclose. Living in Kentucky, we have to about the latter part of October to the beginning of November before cruising season ends.  The beauty of having four seasons. We traveled that road for 26 more miles before the train tracks departed from the path we were on and we ended up in a tiny Kentucky town. One post office, a gas station and of course the Farm Bureau. And a small mom and pop restaurant at the end of the city. We decided to eat. By the way the best food ever! Aren’t they the best places? We cruised 128 miles today. You need to get out there and enjoy before the snow begins to start flying. Summer is also coming to a close. Not much time left.  Hope to see you out there.

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Ghost Rider


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