Highways and Byways

Highways and Byways

Highways and byways

My favorite roads to cruise are country roads. As the miles melt away, the countryside changes with each bend in the road.

The information provided on this website helps you to find some great rides in the tri-state. There are a variety of routes that can offer you any riding experience you prefer. Whether riding through the hills of Kentucky or Ohio with roads that have awesome twisties or Indiana riding along the water. Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio offer some of the best riding experiences for any rider.

There are many different varieties of scenery to experience. It’s what makes this region so attractive and unique.


Just by choosing the direction you want to go will give you the opportunity to create the experience you want to have.

river boat

You can travel along the river and visit the ten most historic riverboat towns of yesteryear. Visit the towns that were involved in the underground railroad. Or Ohio has 125 wooden covered bridges, and many are still in use today. There is so much to discover within just a few miles from any location along the Ohio River. History abounds along its banks, and it would take a lifetime to see and experience it all.

motorcycle cruise

Highways and Byways of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio have so much to offer the motorcycle rider. You can rack up the miles for any adventure you wish to pursue. If you enjoy the history of the Ohio River or finding off the grid roads to ride Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio offers endless possibilities for the short or long cruises on a bike. These states have good varieties of routes to ride as aggressive or as passive as you want.


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