Seasons Changing

Seasons Changing

winter road


With the weather changing, there are some maintenance tasks we need to check. Getting ready to store your motorcycle for the winter season is a good time to check your battery. After riding all summer long, the battery takes a beating with the heat and bouncing around. A perfect time when you’re storing your bike to check battery condition.

Use caution the battery holds acid and the fumes can cause a fire. Disconnect the (-) negative cable then the (+) positive cable. Always follow the owner’s manual.



Begin to remove the battery, checking the terminals for corrosion. After the battery is out, you can wash the grime off it with cool water and an oil-cutting soap. The terminals can be cleaned up with a wire brush or emery cloth.

Next, you want to check the acid level. If it is low, you will need to fill it. You can use distilled water found at most grocery stores.  A good time to check the plates inside your battery for sulfation. There will be a gray or white discoloration in the cells. The battery has sulfation its best to replace it. Sulfation inhibits the battery to charge.

You can put your battery on a battery maintainer to keep it fresh until spring. Make sure the battery maintainer is designed for your battery before using. Not all chargers or battery maintainers fit all batteries. To get the most life from your battery charge it correctly.

When re-installing the battery wash the battery off with cool water and remove any residuals from charging. Caution should be taken making sure the vent hoses are not pinched and routed correctly.

I recommend you check your manual for all service and maintenance issues.

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Ride Safe,

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