Today’s Adventure

Today’s Adventure

Today's Adventure



Hello Everyone,

Today’s adventure my wife and I put 158 miles on the Gold Wing today. A typical ride for us. No highways were just cruising the back roads or stopping to take in the scenic views that Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana has to offer. The beauty of where we live is that we can travel through 3 states and take in the views of the Ohio river or the hills and hollers of Kentucky. And not forgetting the diversity of Indiana. It amazes me that most people here don’t even realize how much there is to see.

Whether you ride a motorcycle or drive an automobile, we don’t pay attention to the diversity that each day offers. Busy with our daily activities day in and day out. We forget to take a pause and take in the beauty of nature. So stop and take a look up at the stars at night Today's Adventureor stop and gaze at the sunrise or watch the sunsets. It will give you the peace you’ve been missing. The wonder of it all is all around you.

So the next time your time you’re cruising to work, school or just to the store. Look up, look around and take in the performance that is going on around you. Nature has orchestrated another day for you. Every day another different picture has been painted just for you. And like you there isn’t another one just like it. And when it fades away it will be gone forever.  Each day and night have been created unique, just like you.

Ride stay safe, and we will share our next adventure.

Ghost Rider


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