Traveling to Louisville Kentucky

Traveling to Louisville Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky

Hello Everyone,

September 22, 2016

Traveling to Louisville Kentucky today 88 miles of good road. Our route to Louisville is straight down Interstate 75 south. As many of you probably know I-75 South has been under construction repairing the road. Well, the work has finished, and it was a pleasant trip indeed. We stopped off in historical Carrollton Kentucky for a sandwich and a break. Carrollton situated along the Ohio River. Founded in 1714, and at that time called Port William. It was an important town for river traffic. In 1868 though the Louisville & Nashville Railroad built near the city and the river traffic eventually went away. After a brief rest, we climbed aboard our motorcycle and proceeded to our destination.

sunsetAfter about an hour of cruising, we arrived in Louisville. If you haven’t traveled to Louisville Kentucky, it is home to the Louisville Slugger Ball Bat Company, Muhammad Ali Center, and Churchhill Downs and many other attractions. We headed to the Louisville Waterfront Park. It offers a great view of the Ohio River and is a playground for all ages. There are places for concerts, festivals, and a great picnic area. It also is very serene for people who just enjoy the sights and sounds of the river.  In researching our destination, I read that it was a natural river crossing for migrating buffalo and Native American’s stayed here because of the abundance of food and water.  They were here for 12,000 years before European people arrived to colonize the area. Such a beautiful place. If you haven’t taken a trip to visit Louisville’s Waterfront Park, I would highly recommend it.

Well, it’s time to head back to the house. I hope you will take a chance to visit the beautiful sites of Carrollton and Louisville Kentucky. You definitely will not be disappointed you did.

Ride Safe. Thanks for stopping by,

Ghost Rider

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