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Visit Long Overdue

Visit Long Overdue

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Hello Everyone,

My sister who lives in Michigan came to visit today (9/16/2016). I haven’t seen her in a long while. When we were growing up, she’d go motorcycle riding with me. We use to go out, and she says “Kevin where are we going to go?” and I would say to her “Let’s go get lost today.”   And we would ride where the wind would blow us. We would discover all kinds of new places.  We would always encounter a new road or new scenic vistas that we haven’t seen before. There was always a new horizon to conquer.

Well, we both have families now. The distance and family activities made it impossible to go. Today since here in town, I asked: ” would you like to go get lost”? She had a queer look on her face and said,” you know I’ve not heard those words in a long time!”  “Yes let go”!  So I readied the bike, and we were off.

country roadI showed her some new country roads I’ve discovered. We rolled through some of the most beautiful hills of Kentucky. The air filled with the spices of the season. Fall riding in the Kentucky hills is just magnificent. The trees are getting ready for winter. Soon they will be bursting like fireworks. Colors so brilliant and colorful almost impossible to describe. Other’s have already dropped their leaves and were blowing across the road. Most of the brush is dying or dead. The pungent odors fill the air. Cruising around every bend opened up a new aromatic array of scents. The road was enticing us to travel even further to see what’s around the next bend. After a few hours of escaping reality, we both realized it was time to get back.  It was great to reminisce and escape the hustle of everyday life even if it were for only a few hours. Ride safe, and I’ll see you on the road.

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” – Vincent van Gogh

Thanks for stopping by,

Ghost Rider

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