Winter Blues

Winter Blues



Spring happens on March 20, 2017, only 50 days away. It’s a perfect time to start scheduling jobs to ready your motorcycle for spring. I’m sure there are some maintenance tasks that you noticed while riding last spring that requires your attention before the new riding season.


Catch up on reading your favorite motorcycle magazines. YouTube can be a great tool to educate yourself on how to perform simple maintenance jobs on your bike. An excellent source of information at your fingertips is on the internet.

motorcycle dealer

Take some time to visit motorcycle showrooms to browse the newest bike technologies. If the weather is decent enough even to take a test ride on that bike you’ve ben reading and hearing so much about lately. Try some of the newest riding apparel that is available. With the new gear and gadgets hitting the shelves you might be able to find a great bargain.


partyingInvite fellow riders over and plan some scenic trips. With the planning of new rides, it will give you something to look forward to when the weather breaks.

Have you seen the new Honda self-balancing motorcycle? Developed for the rider who has issues with balancing the bike. This bike follows you like a well-trained horse. When I viewed the video, I was amazed. The Indian Motorcycle Model Scout is an excellent bike. –

Harley-Davidson has a new military model bike that is now available to consumers. So much to see at dealerships will keep you busy for a while just to mention a few.

Winter Scene

With winter drawing to a close, it’s a good time to beat the spring rush at your favorite dealership. New tires, brakes, and fluid changes.  If you’re a do it yourself guy, those simple jobs completed before the weather gets nice. Oil change, spark plugs, nuts and bolts checked for correct torquing. Inspecting tires for tread wear, abrasions to tire sidewalls.



You have two months to prepare for the riding season.  Allows you the time and the opportunity to accomplish these tasks before riding season starts to heat up. Don’t procrastinate and motivate yourself to get those necessary maintenance issues done.

Ride safe!

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